Steinway K52 (1982)

This is the K52.  

"Introduced in 1903, this piano features a soundboard larger in area than many grand pianos, for a larger and more resonant voice. Height: 52" (132cm)" - Steinway & Sons

The bass bridge had to be refinished, and one of my colleagues, Scott Peterson, completed that work.  He's a genius.

Then I take everything out (case parts, stack, & keys) and vacuum, mar-away (see picture below), regulate (see photo below), and finally tune it to A-440.  

It's a long process (probably about 16 hours of monotonous (yet satisfying) work.   

The Mar-away process is a crucial part in making a piano look it's best (so long as it's not a polish, which would then need to be waxed like a car).  It involves a very harsh chemical (use a face mask!), some fine steel wool, and rags to clean it up.  One is supposed to follow the grain of the wood with the steel wool for the best finish.